Welcome to LaSalle International, Inc.:


The Source for International Oil & Gas Exploration, Operation and Processing


LaSalle International is a multifaceted global company with many subsidiary divisions. LaSalle International is primarily involved in the oil and gas exploration, operation and process facilitation and transportation field. From geological mapping, to various vertical, horizontal, and deep sea drilling expertise and operation, our skilled teams of professionals are known for working creatively to achieve optimum results in every aspect of our operation. We handle all types of crude from light to heavy, taking care of all extracting, operation, processing and storing making sure the oil is transported to the designated refineries expeditiously.




Global Project Contracting and Management Solution Provider


LaSalle brings a highly talented team and a first class on and offshore asset to our growing activities, we are ready to include their competence, operational capacity and striking position in the developments as we expand. LaSalle is a large scale project management company, working on various assignments and operating with different infrastructures. Our state-of-the-art project management tools capabilities help us detect, communicate, and address potential issues early in the process. Whether working on the construction of roads and bridges, to irrigation and farming projects, our teams experience and use of high end equipment allows us to fulfill the numerous amount of tasks presented, always meeting our customer’s needs.

We offer easy Global Project Contracting and Management Solutions through our various international divisions and our vast network affiliate programs:

  • Global Real Estate and community development projects.
  • Global Farming, Irrigation and Land Improvement Projects.
  • Global Contract Management and Technical recruitment with a
    network of powerful resources.
  • Global Import / Export and Trade Financing Solutions backed
    by US government guarantee programs.




The Source for International Import & Export Facilitation Solutions


As an Export-Import company, our main objective is to be an effective and successful facilitator of trade between the developing and developed economies of the world. We facilitate transactions by bringing the exporter and importer together in successful arrangements in which all the participants achieve their goals.

LaSalle International is an importer and exporter of general goods as well as industrial products. We are also experienced trade coordinators – we can source products from a multitude of sources around the world to fill our customers’ needs.
Our goal is the mutual success of all trading partners. We help facilitate this goal through our dedication to high product quality and superior customer service. We are only successful when all parties to a transaction have achieved their goals and we pride ourselves in consistently helping our trading partners do just that.